Projects of working group Performance Physiology

PACE - Performance, Age, Competition, Exercise

The PACE study was launched in 2005 and is undergoing continuous development. The objective is to investigate relationships between age, health, performance, lifestyle factors, and physical activity at an epidemiologically relevant level. With regard to demographic change, the study results have a special significance for the health and economic system.

The central element of the PACE study is a modular online survey system.

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Projects of the working group Exercise Physiology

Fine motor skills and cognition in simulated weightlessness

In the diving pool, we simulate weightlessness and study human performance under extreme conditions.

Operating Instruments on Parabolic Flights: Influences of...

Operating Instruments on Parabolic Flights: Influences of Weightlessness, Stress and Motivation

As a contribution to basic research the dependence of complex, everyday activities of stress and motivation should be pursued.

Cognitive causes of fall risk in old age

We investigate fall causes to prepare targeted preventive measures.