Borrowing conditions

Who can borrow?

All registered staff and students of the German Sport University Cologne are automatically entitled to free borrowing from the library. Borrowing is also open to students from other universities and members of the public. 

To borrow all kind of resources it is necessary to bring and show your user ID.   
Members and students of the institution must use their work or student ID. Activating the card is free and can be done anytime at the circulation desk. Anyone else will receive a membership card after presenting a valid identity document and student ID.


Borrower fees

Students of the German Sport University Cologne    -
Employees of the German Sport University Cologne-
of public universities in North Rhine-Westphalia 

10 € (one-time payment)
Students of private universities 20 € annual fee*
Students of all other universities   20 € annual fee * 
Members of the public 20 € annual fee * 

* The membership card is valid for 12 months from the date of issuing / renewal. 

Library fines

Any borrower who fails to return an item in time will be fined from the first day of the delay. If you have outstanding fines of 25€, you won't be able to borrow more items until your fine has been paid. You may renew items with a fine on your account, if the fine is not higher than 25€.

Fines per item: 

1st stage2,- € up to 10 calendar days after due date
2nd stage 5,- € up to 20 calendar days after due date  
3rd stage 10,- € up to 30 calendar days after due date   
4th stage 20,- € up to 31 calendar days after due date    
5th stage    45,- € as of 41 days and more of delay

Fines still have to be paid in case of undelivered or non-receipt of reminder emails as they are a service feature of the library. 

Other fees

Lost ID card    10,- €
Lost items25,- € processing fees in case of loss or damage,
also an equivalent replacement item has to be purchased  and presented    

Ordering items from the archive

Orders made before 16:00 will be provided within one hour of the same day. Orders made after this time will be provided at 07:30 on the next day. You will be notified per email if and where your item can be collected. 


Reminder per email

Reminder per email

We help you to avoid fines by sending you an email to let you know if any of your items are due to be returned. This will be the day before the items are due.  If an item goes overdue, we will send you an email to inform you of this.  Please ensure that we have your up-to-date email address and that your email client's spam filter will allow the email to be received. 

This is an optional free service from the library. Any user of the library is still expected to return their items in time or to renew any items. Non-receipt of the mail will not free the user account of any fees resulting from overdue items.

The mail is generated automatically, however there is no automatic renewal of loan periods.

Bank details

Bank details

RecipientDeutsche Sporthochschule Köln
IBANDE 77 370 20 500 000 82 61 400
BankBank für Sozialwirtschaft 
Reference    M-11-30000-100-521000 (mandatory)