Adolescents and young adults

Many young people are less and less physically active, but spend many hours of their everyday life with social media, internet, gaming and television instead. The consequences are obvious: health, fitness and resilience of the young generation are deteriorating. This limits their trainability and work ability and increases the prevalence of risk factors and disease. Looking ahead, both developments are extremely relevant for economy and society.

The group of 15- to 25-year-olds is a research focus of the Research Group Epidemiology of Performance. As part of our long-term study "Fit-for-life" (more) we have already collected comprehensive data from more than 20,000 adolescents and young adults. Data includes body dimensions, physical performance characteristics (strength and endurance) as well as information on health and leisure or everyday habits. Aim of the study is to identify and analyse motives and barriers for the establishment or maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

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