Prof. Dr. Klaus Baum

Collaborative researcher


1998Adjunct professor at the German Sport University
1987PhD in Biology
1983Diploma in Sports Science
1976Graduation from high school

Born in Mönchengladbach



Selected publications

Baum K, Hoffmann U, Bock F (2018) The influence of an eight week, structured strength-endurance training on pain perception and health-related quality of life in patients with non-specific low back pain: Who profits? J Appl Life Sci Int. 17(4): 1 - 13

Spielmanns M, Fuchs-Bergsma C, Winkler A, Fox G, Krüger S, Baum K (2015) Effect of oxygen supply during training on subjects with COPD who are normoxemic at rest and during exercise: a randomized controlled trial. Respiration Care 60: 540 – 548

Baum K, Hildebrandt U, Edel K, Bertram R, Hahmann H, Bremer FJ, Böhmen S, Kammerlander C, Serafin M, Rüther T, Miche E. (2009) Comparison of skeletal muscle strength between cardiac patients and age-matched healthy controls. Int J Med Sci. 6(4):184 – 191

Baum K, Rüther T, Essfeld D (2003) Reduction of blood pressure response during strength training through intermittent muscle relaxations. Int J Sports Med 24: 441-445

Baum K, Eßfeld D, Stegemann J (1991) Changes in extracellular muscle volume affect heart rate and blood pressure response to static exercise. Acta Astronautica 23, 139 – 147