1. Master Congress

On Friday, 3rd of April 2020, the German Sport University Cologne will hold its first Master Congress, which is aimed at all Master students of the German Sport University Cologne. The congress is understood as a core element of the scientific master education in its combination of research and teaching.

The one-day congress is aimed at all Master's students, regardless of the program they are attending (including Physical Education and master students of advanced studies). Bachelor students are also warmly welcome to participate! The host of this first congress is the M.Sc. "Psychology in Sport and Exercise".

The congress will focus on the students' presentations of research activities that they present to each other and thereby start discussion and exchange about research. By this the German Sport University Cologne will contribute to the link between research and teaching.

Based on this background the objectives are:

  • the strengthening of young academics,
  • the visualization of the student research activity and the student research output,
  • the intensification of the interdisciplinary exchange of Master students,
  • the gathering of experience through active participation in a congress


Dr. Alexandra Pizzera

Alexandra Pizzera

Program Coordinator M.Sc. Psychology in Sport and Exercise

Website Forschungsprofil


From 06.12.2019 to 31.01.2020 you can register here for the event.