Information for Employees

Corona mail hotline for teachers

Dear teachers,

you can reach our mail hotline for teachers at:
It is for general questions regarding corona-related uncertainties or problems in teaching for the winter semester 2020/2021.

The following persons/institutions are also available to answer specific questions:

  1.     The module commissioners and course directors, e.g. for questions regarding regulations within the modules and courses
  2.     The teaching organization, e.g. for general questions about LSF or the organization of teaching ()
  3.     The department for digitisation in studies and teaching, e.g. for moodle problems and e-learning questions ()
  4.     The Central Operating Unit Information Technology (ze.IT), e.g. in case of hardware/software problems ()
  5.     The Staff Council for the scientific and artistic staff, e.g. in matters of working conditions or legal issues ()
  6.     The BDP's "Corona Hotline" in case of special concerns or social problems:
1. home office regulations from 1. January 2021

In view of the renewed burdens on employees and in order to reduce contacts, the university management has decided to extend the corona-conditional home office regulations initially until March 31, 2021. Corona-conditional situational work (smA-C) at home will continue to be allowed by managers, provided the particular tasks can be completed from home. The decision will be made by the direct managers who ensure the work/functioning of the appropriate unit and the accessibility of the employees.

For employees from technology and administration, the individual target working time is credited for work from home (analogous to § 7 service agreement). For all employees, the corona-related smA days will not be counted towards the smA working days regulated in § 13 of the service agreement. The regulations in force until the end of 2020 shall continue to apply unchanged.

The focus of all regulations is to be on the functionality of the respective unit with the greatest possible consideration of health protection for employees in accordance with the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute or in the SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety standard of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Cisco Webex was purchased for the German Sport University Cologne to support online-based communication. The use of this videoconferencing software is recommended because issues of technology, function, privacy, and network resources were reviewed for this tool prior to the Corona pandemic at the university. Connectivity options for Cisco products in Moodle are available in perpetuity.

Relevant information on technical support for work in the home office is compiled on the pages of the Central Information Technology Operations Unit (ze.IT).

2. How can I reach the service areas (e.g. administration)?

2. How can I reach the service areas (e.g. administration)?

You can still reliably reach all service areas. However, due to the pandemic, we have to limit personal contacts considerably. Therefore, please do not come to the service areas unannounced. Instead, please contact the staff* by phone or e-mail for all matters. If this is not possible, a personal appointment will be suggested.

You will find information on how to reach individual service areas on the websites of the facilities or on the intranet.

3. How do I reach the central IT operating unit (ZeIT)?

Ze.IT can be reached by telephone (usual spoho telephone number), e-mail and also video conferencing during normal office hours. General IT questions can still be reported at . In case of problems that cannot be solved by Ze.IT from the home office, it will be decided on a case-by-case basis who has to be on site.

4. Are canteen, bistro, copy shop & spoho shop still open?
  • Canteen and cafeteria remain closed beyond January 11, 2021. This applies for the time being until further notice!
  • There is NO to-go offer there!
  • Changes possible depending on further developments.
  • The opening hours of the in-house print store (Copy Shop) as of 03.11.2020 are as follows: Mon-Fri from 10 am - 1 pm.
  • The Spoho Shop is closed at the moment.
5. I am directly affected by quarantine. What does that mean?

The quarantine requirements of the competent authorities must be complied with in all cases.

In cases of quarantine (or persons infected with the virus), HR managers are requested to report this immediately to the Human Resources Department: Please send the relevant order of the Health Department to the Human Resources Department (D2) without delay. The order also specifies the duration of your quarantine.

If you are affected as an employee, the sports college will continue to pay your salary (up to a maximum of six weeks) or wages. In this case, please also inform your superior and your responsible administrator in the personnel department. The official order allows you to work from home. Please discuss with your manager whether and, if so, which tasks you can and should carry out from home.

Students are required to stay away from examinations in which they are unable to take part due to an ordered quarantine through no fault of their own. You must inform the Examinations Office immediately (e.g. illness).
If an infection is detected, students report their infection centrally to

6. I am indirectly affected by quarantine (daycare, nursery).

In principle, your affliction is to be classified similar to the situation of a strike by the nursery school teachers, so that you are not released from your obligation to work and to be present. In any case, however, you should contact your immediate superior, who will try to find a satisfactory solution.

7. I have contact with an infected person. What should I do?

Szenario a) - There is a person suffering from corona in my environment:

If corona infection is detected in a person, the public health department registers the contact persons and arranges further measures for them, such as ordering a domestic quarantine. If you are one of these contact persons, the public health department will immediately order a home isolation (= quarantine) for you in accordance with the regulations of the infection protection law. You are then no longer allowed to leave your home and may not carry out your professional activity or any activity that brings you into contact with other people. However, working from home is permitted.

  • Employees inform their manager by telephone and their personnel administartor of the Human Ressources department (D2) at the GSU by e-mail. Your manager will discuss with you which tasks you can and should carry out from home.
  • Students are obliged to inform the Registrar's Office of the German Sport University and, in the event of a missed exam, the Examinations Office immediately.
  • If an infection is detected, students report their infection centrally to

Szenario b and c) - In my environment there is a person b) quarantined by the authorities c) a person who has had contact with a sick or quarantined person:

If you have been in contact with a person who has been in contact with a person who has been proven to be infected with the corona virus, there is no ban on entering the premises - regardless of whether this contact person has been quarantined by the authorities or not - in agreement with the health authorities. In this case, students are not excused for failing to take part in an examination.

Generally speaking: If you notice symptoms that make an infection with the coronavirus probable, contact your family doctor by telephone and ask him/her to clarify whether you are infected. Until the situation has not been clarified, do not go to the German Sport University and please take the generally recommended protective measures, which you can read about on this page. However, please inform your doctor about your contact with an infected person.

8. Do events take place at GSU?

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the federal and state governments have jointly agreed to ban large-scale events. In addition, according to the Corona Protection Ordinance, only teaching and examination activities at universities [...] may be carried out in accordance with separate orders pursuant to Section 28 (1) of the Infection Protection Act. The university management decides on this. It goes without saying that the distance and hygiene regulations must be observed. The face-to-face teaching events of the winter semester 2020/21 will be organized as online events as far as possible until the end of the semester. For information on the teaching organization in summer term 2021, see FAQ 6.13.

Events outside the teaching and examination schedule of the German Sport University are currently cancelled and will not be able to take place until further notice.
You can find out about various digital information events on our events page.

9. What should I do when I return from holiday (abroad)?

Due to recent reports of suspected significantly more contagious mutations of the corona virus, an ordinance for entries from the United Kingdom and South Africa came into force in North Rhine-Westphalia on December 21, 2020. From December 28, 2020, the Corona entry regulation will be extended to include all risk areas listed by the Robert Koch Institute on the Internet.

For the vast majority of people entering NRW, quarantine is only mandatory if they do not undergo entry testing. Entry testing must be fulfilled by rapid or PCR testing within a maximum of 48 hours before entry or immediately after entry.

Further information can be found on this website of the state of NRW under the item "Corona - Entry requirements".

10. Are business trips still allowed?

The corona-related restrictions decided by the President´s Office with regard to business trips were only valid until 31.05.2020. The President´s Office therefore decides that from 01.06.2020, business trips are in principle possible again, subject to compliance with and observance of the known hygiene and distance rules and the country-specific regulations. The travel warnings of the Federal Foreign Office and the RKI and the regulations of the responsible authorities (including the Federal Government and the Federal Ministry of Health) must be observed.

11. Are travel expenses reimbursed for missions not undertaken?

If there is a travel warning for a destination due to the spread of the corona virus or if there was an RKI classification as a corona risk region, there is a valid reason for not starting the journey and the necessary expenses incurred by the preparation, which can be taken into account according to the state travel cost law, will be reimbursed to the travellers (§ 9 para. 2 LRKG).

Consequently, the travellers are reimbursed the expenses that they would have been reimbursed if the journey had been undertaken. However, please note that costs that are reimbursed by third parties (e.g. if flights have already been cancelled by the airline) cannot be claimed. The costs will be debited to the respective cost centres of the agencies that initiated the trip, as is the case when a trip is commenced.

If a business trip, excursion or similar must be cancelled due to illness of one's own or a life-threatening illness of a member of the household or a (foster) child, expenses that can also be taken into account according to the state travel cost law will be reimbursed. A medical certificate must be provided.

If a business trip, excursion or similar is cancelled due to an officially imposed separation (= quarantine), this may also serve as a valid reason.

Also a valid reason is, if the event is cancelled, in which case it would then have to be checked again whether the organizer is not to be charged with the costs. The same applies if you can no longer reach the event location, for example, because air traffic is suspended or you are no longer allowed to enter the country.

If the traveller cancels the participation without a valid reason, e.g. because he/ she generally shuns travel or crowds of people under the current conditions, as a rule no costs are reimbursed.

12. Will the further education of the HÜF NRW take place?

FernUniversität Hagen, which also oversees the continuing education offerings of Hochschulübergreifende Fortbildung (HÜF NRW) and IuK NRW, will not be offering any face-to-face events until March 31, 2021. Where possible, the events planned for this period will take place in online format. Please inform yourself here:

13. Are application deadlines for research funding extended?

13. Are application deadlines for research funding extended?

Numerous third-party funding bodies have changed their deadlines for submissions or provided other important information on projects already underway. For this reason, the Department of Research and Young Researchers has collected up-to-date information on these issues and makes it availablehere.


14. May the German Sport University be entered for a short period of...

14. May the German Sport University be entered for a short period of time if there is a ban on entering the premises?

No, employees for whom a house ban has been issued (see II. Preventive measures to prevent infections) are not allowed to enter the premises of the university, even for a short time.


15. If there is a curfew, how do I get to work/to the GSU?

15. If there is a curfew, how do I get to work/to the GSU?

The university management is constantly analysing and evaluating how to deal with different scenarios of restrictions in public life, including the possibility of a curfew. So far, according to politicians, such measures are not planned.

In the event of a curfew, however, employees of the German Sport University Cologne, who are required to work on site, would have to be able to present proof of employment. In preparation for such a contingency and the possibly associated necessary identification requirements for employees or access restrictions for buildings of the German Sport University Cologne, we would like to send you the attached form of a proof of employment as a purely precautionary measure. These certificates should only be issued in exceptional cases.

The authority to sign is delegated as follows:

  •     For employees of the scientific institutions: heads of institutes or deputies  
  •     For employees in the central facilities: managers or deputies
  •     For employees in the departments: department head or deputy department head
  •     For staff in the Academic Planning and Management Office: Rector
  •     For staff in the Chancellor's staff units and in the committees (staff councils): Head of Department 3

You can download the form on the intranet.

16. Ongoing third-party funded projects: What happens if studies...

16. Ongoing third-party funded projects: What happens if studies cannot be conducted as planned?

What regulations apply to ongoing externally funded projects if studies cannot be carried out as planned due to the ban on contact? Many providers of external funding write directly to the project leaders to clarify the project implementation and, if necessary, possibilities for further financial support. In addition, providers of third-party funding publish information on their websites about ongoing projects and how to deal with the problems involved in conducting studies.
Collected information on this is made available here.

17. How can the Central Library of Sport Sciences be reached?

1.7 How can the Central Library of Sports Sciences be reached?

The Central Library of Sports Sciences constantly adapts the use and access to its services to the current requirements. Since 29.03.2021 new rules are valid. The return of books is possible. However, currently no workstations can be reserved and used. All information about the restrictions and offers can be found on the Corona homepage of the Central Library here.

18. Webex: How does the muting of all participants in meetings work?

18. Webex: How does the muting of all participants in meetings work?

Lectures and seminars on Webex have recently seen an increasing number of avoidable impairments of sound quality. The reason for this is that participants* do not switch their microphones to "mute". You can avoid this problem by clicking on "Participants" in the upper bar of the Webex meeting and activating the item "Mute all" or "Mute on joining" in the drop-down menu. In this way all participants* are automatically "muted" regardless of their individual settings.

19. Opening of day care centres and child day care

19. Opening of day care centres and child day care

In accordance with the step-by-step plan of the State of NRW towards responsible normality published on 20 May 2020, day-care centres and child day care will reopen in a reduced form from 8 June 2020. All children will once again be allowed to attend the day care centre at a reduced rate of 35, 25 and 15 hours per week instead of 45, 35, 25 hours. Larger day-care centres that are willing to do so can increase their numbers accordingly. Emergency care is thus no longer necessary.  

The talks between the Family Service Office of the German Sport University and the Youth Welfare Office of the City of Cologne have revealed the following with today's (May 20, 2020) telephone call: The head of the Office for Children, Youth and Family Affairs of the City of Cologne has promised the university to support families who, due to particular hardship, need a place in a day care center as early as next week. Should this be the case for you, you are welcome to contact the University's Family Service Office (Silke Gummersbach) from 25 May 2020.

20. Which regulations relevant to occupational health and safety must...

20. Which regulations relevant to occupational health and safety must be observed in presence operation?

The occupational safety specialist has prepared updated risk assessments for the use of laboratory and office space. We request that the following work instructions SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) for office workplaces and laboratory workstations be observed:

see the two documents under point 21 here.

Employees* at the Sports University can find further important information on the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 within the university and relevant to occupational health and safety on the intranet on the website of the Occupational Health and Safety Department, staff unit 04 "Company doctor/specialist for occupational safety". There, risk assessments, occupancy plans according to occupational safety standards, the campus hygiene concept and other documents are available.

22. How do I behave when I have a cold or light symptoms?

22. How do I behave when I have a cold or light symptoms?

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the most common symptoms of people infected with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 are cough, fever, rhinitis and disturbance of the sense of smell and/or taste.
If there are no other common symptoms apart from a runny nose, i.e. no cough, no fever, no disturbance of the sense of smell and/or taste (with a clear nose), the following applies: affected persons stay at home if possible and avoid personal contact. In the case of contact, distance regulations must be strictly adhered to and mouth-nose cover must be worn as constantly as possible. This means concretely for the presence at the DSHS:
- Please check whether your presence is necessary and if in doubt, stay at home after consulting your lecturer/supervisor. If you are uncertain, contact your doctor (by telephone) for further clarification. Employees work from home (unless they are unfit for work or have other reasons that prevent them from working).
- Please pay special attention to the reduction of personal contacts and the observance of the minimum distance in case of slight symptoms (also e.g. sniffles). Wear the mouth and nose cover (except at the office workplace in a single room) as constantly as possible, also e.g. during meetings. Please ensure very good hand and sneezing hygiene and correct use of the mouth-nose cover.