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The German Sport University is the country’s only single-themed university in the domain of sport and exercise science. It therefore holds a special position amongst universities on a national and international level. Its research activities revolve around sport as a common and comprehensive reference point.

All relevant sport science issues are dealt with at this unique university in Germany, shared between 19 academic institutes. Humanities, social and business disciplines are also represented here, along with life sciences. These are complemented by four affiliate institutes and five transfer centres. The German Sport University utilises its excellent interdisciplinary research opportunities to ensure its position as a leader in both national and international sport and exercise science. Aware of its responsibility towards both sport and society, the university continually invests in innovation and emphasizes the growing significance of a physical active life-style in terms of health, social politics and economics. 

Fields of research cover the ethical, sociological, economic and educational aspects of sport as an integral element of society; questioning the influence of exercise or lack of exercise, training and nutrition on healthy and diseased people across all age groups. As well as the traditional application and practical research relating to sport and exercise science, the German Sport University is concentrating on basic research and the processing of interdisciplinary research issues. 

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Research Portal

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