B.A. Sport, Adventure and Expressive Movement

This six-semester compact course of study is aimed at all those who enjoy sports and would like to impart competence and enjoyment in sports and exercise to others. With a varied sports programme and a close interaction of practical and theoretical contents, this course of studies prepares students for innovative professional fields in sports. The focus is on the acquisition of practice-oriented teaching skills in a wide range of sports and fields of movement.

The course of studies is divided into three areas:

  •     Recreational / popular sports
  •     adventure sports
  •     artistic-creative movement design

Students have the opportunity to develop an individual profile in one of these areas and are prepared for a career entry according to the chosen profile within the study programme. The broad and practice-oriented education enables a wide range of career opportunities in the following professional fields: Leisure sports, popular and club-based sports, nature and adventure sports, sports tourism, social work, event and event organisation, artistic field.

BA students must complete a 240-hour internship in one of the professional fields. The internship can be divided into a maximum of two partial internships.

The internship benefits include:

  •     Internship (certificate required)
  •     Seminar Specialist support for the internship (5th semester)
  •     Preparation of an internship report

The BA "Sport, Adventure and Expressive Movement" is an internationally oriented course of study, which, for example, enables students to study abroad and enables them to deepen their academic education by taking an (international) Master's degree. Further information on the course of studies and application can be found here.