Interlibrary loan & document supply

The interlibrary loan service (ILL) is one way to obtain all materials which are not held by the Central Library for Sport Sciences. It is an agreement of participating libraries to mutually lend their items to each other or to offer copying articles from journals.

The ILL website can be found 

Please log in entering your user name on the back of your library card, e. g. B41$0000020999. Your password is your date of birth in the form DDMMYYYY. 

You can request books, articles, reports, conference proceedings as well as other materials which are needed for research and study. Items which are already held by the library, but which are on loan to other readers, can be recalled from the current borrower by making a reservation online. 

1,50€ is calculated per request. This is a handling fee which is due even if the request was not successful. The fee will be added to your library account. A membership card from the Central Library for Sport Sciences is required, otherwise you can not use the interlibrary loan. 

The majority of requests take no more than two to three weeks, however, it is not possible to guarantee delivery within a specific time.

We will also provide a brief information on this service in our tutorial "Literature research".