M.A. Olympic Studies - Intake 7 Completes Curriculum

From 27th of March till 2nd of April 2022, the 7th Intake of the M.A.Olympic Studies completed its last course module "Governance, Policy and Olympic Organizations". The module was conducted as a Hybrid Teaching seminar, since most students were unable to make travel arrangements in time due to the pandemic. It was taught by Prof. Frank van Eekeren, associate professor Sport & Society at the Utrecht University School of Governance and professor applied sciences at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. Prof. Stephan Wassong and OSC Cologne staff members Marloes Ekkelboom, Rory Flindall and Daniel Quanz also taught during the module week, as well as Prof. Jens Flatau (University of Kiel). With this module, the 7th Intake of the M.A. Olympic Studies concludes its curriculum and can now focus on its master´s theses. The team of the M.A. Olympic Studies programme management congratulates the students of the 7th Intake for this achievement.