New Publication: The Athletes` Voice in History

Prof. Stephan Wassong is delighted to announce the publication of The Athletes` Voice in History as an edition of the Routledge series Sport in Global Society: Historical Perspectives. Indeed, the overall topic of the edited book makes a significant contribution to understand how the role of athletes as key actors of the Olympic Movement and the international sport system have developed over decades. The publication should stimulate for ongoing research on formal and informal institutional representation of athletes.

It is important to mention that this publication is the third iteration in a series of publications dealing with Olympic studies which has developed out of the tripartite institutional relationship between the Olympic Studies Centres and Olympic Research Groups of Western University (Canada), Victoria University, Melbourne (Australia), and the German Sport Universities Cologne. This is evidence for the strength of establishing collaborations between Olympic Studies Centres in teaching and research, which is an important objective of The Olympic Studies Centre of the International Olympic Committee.