Research Group Epidemiology of Performance

The Research Group Epidemiology of Performance is an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional network of physicians, sports scientists, psychologists, computer scientists and statisticians. In addition to traditional indicators of health and performance, we also investigate attractors for and barriers to the establishment of a healthy lifestyle within the framework of our nationwide surveys.

The digitalisation of our society has greatly changed people's everyday working lives, leisure behaviour and attitudes, with a serious impact on health, resilience and performance of the general population.

Without effective prevention measures, there will be immense economic consequences for companies, health insurance funds and other areas of society. The success of these measures will also depend on the extent to which it will be possible to motivate and empower those affected to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dieter Leyk leads the Research Group Epidemiology of Performance. We are flexible and open to new collaborations and application-oriented questions in the area of health and performance promotion.