Diagoras: International Academic Journal on Olympic Studies

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The Olympic Studies Center (OSC) at the German Sport University Cologne has co-founded the electronic journal Diagoras: International Academic Journal on Olympic Studies with the OSCs of the University of Christchurch's in New Zealand and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). The journal’s publishers are Prof. Stephan Wassong (GSU), Prof. Ian Culpan (Christchurch) and Prof. Emilio Fernandez (UAB). The first edition has now been published and can be viewed or downloaded at www.diagorasjournal.com. The aim of the journal is to stimulate a critical interdisciplinary dialogue on the Olympic and Paralympic movement. In addition to numerous recognized authors from the international Olympic scientific community, contributions by junior scholars are also selected to be included in each edition. Accordingly, the article by Caroline Meier from the Institute of Sport History of the GSU on The early relationship between UNESCO and the IOC: Considerations - Controversies - Cooperation was selected to be published for the first edition. This article was part based on Caroline’s master's thesis, of the same name, which was awarded the Young Researcher Award 2017 by the DSHS.