European Handball Manager – Start of the second course

Offizieller Handball der EHF
Foto: Uros Hocevar

Last year’s graduates were extremely satisfied with the certificate programme European Handball Manager.  All those who took part in it, including successful handball managers and also well-known (former) players like Henning Fritz, Grit Jurack and Holger Glandorf were highly impressed by the high standard of the course, - the teachers’ expertise and their good communication of the subject matter as well as the organisational and counselling skills of the coordination department.

Next Monday on 31 October sees the start of the next 21 candidates for the European Handball Manager Programme. They will be part of the first international course taking place in English where they will meet former professional players, officials and managers involved in international handball who will all come together at the German Sport University in Cologne. 

The certificate programme is being run jointly with the European Handball Federation (EHF) and is a response to the ever- growing commercialisation of handball and the accompanying need to produce qualified people who will bring about a more professional handball management.

The aim of the alternating 2-year cycle of this German and English course is to enable handball experts from all corners of the world to take part in this exclusive training. After the welcome speech to the whole assembly on Monday, the participants can look forward to a thrilling start to the week, learning new subjects and gaining deeper insights into the field of professional handball management.

The expert teaching staff will start with an introduction of the special economic features of team sport. They will go on to present the special features of the various handball sport structures from the club to the league up to the handball association. Next will come a teaching unit on sport law and labour practices followed by the question of governance in team sport. The first teaching phase will end on a high note with a final unit on strategic handball management. The participants will benefit from the multi-facetted nature of this certificate programme which will provide them with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire specific knowledge in the field of handball management.