Foundation of the Department of "Training Pedagogy and Martial Research"

Since 1st of August, there is a new department at the German Sport University Cologne: the Department for Training Pedagogy and Martial Research. The new head of the department is Prof. Dr. Swen Körner, the former head of the Pedagogy Department at the Institute for Pedagogy and Philosophy. The Department is moving to the Institute of … headed by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Vogt.
"The department deals with the cultural phenomenon of fighting in different social and institutional settings," says Körner, describing the broad approach, which includes both empirical and social science research questions as well as applied research. For example, in cooperation with the police, the Department is investigating the relationship between training practice and real deployment at the federal and state levels in order to derive an evidence-based professionalisation of training and further training structures. The Department's scientific and advisory expertise is also in demand at courts, insurance companies, sports associations and schools.