GSU team takes part in Olympia seminar in Olympia/Greece

(left to right): Dorian Aust, Isabella Zillober, Caroline Tisson, Eva Kotschi, Michael Johann, Anna Crumbach, Johannes Klamet, Dr. Ansgar Molzberger, Dina Klingmann, Luise Kropff and Maria Schmidt (Photo: private)

For the 10th time the sport scientific Olympia seminar of the German Olympic Academy took part from the 02nd - 10th of September 2017 - once again hosted by the International Olympic Acadamy in Olympia/Greece. A team of the German Sport University Cologne has taken this opportunity to undertake a study trip to take part.

In the framework of this study trip - which also involved a trip to Athens as well as to ancient competition and excavation sites - a multifaceted and interdisciplinary discourse about historic and current questions regarding the Olympic movement was held. 

Once again, the German Sport University Cologne took part with a group of students, accompanied by Dr. Ansgar Molzberger from the Institute of Sport History / Olympic Studies Centre - they were part of 80 participants from ten universities. In their courses at GSU they address the topic "Trend sport as a part of the competitive program of the Olympic Games".

Warm thanks go to the International Office for the financial support of the students as well as to PUMA, supplier of the German Sport University Cologne and to Mirjam Jarosch from the department of Marketing for the outfitting of the whole team.