New rules for the Spoho Campus

The President´s Office of the GSU has adopted a new campus hygiene concept. Among other things, this concept stipulates that from 15.10.2020, a mouth and nose cover must be worn on all traffic routes, in the public areas of the buildings and when entering.

The requirements apply in general to all properties and the entire teaching, research and administrative operations of the German Sport University Cologne and are supplemented by special protective measures for laboratories, halls, outdoor sports facilities, treatment rooms, practices or externally conducted practice events. Employees of the GSU can find the updated Campus Hygiene Concept (as of 5.10.2020) on the intranet. Students will be informed separately.

We have summarized the most important regulations here:

  •   The rules come into force on 15.10.2020.
  •   Sick persons are not allowed to enter the university's premises and are not allowed to participate in any in-class events of the university.
  •   The minimum distance of 1.5 meters applies.
  •   On all traffic routes (entrance halls, corridors, staircases, sanitary facilities, changing rooms and washrooms) and in public spaces in the buildings as well as when entering buildings, a mouth-and-nose cover must be worn until reaching the workplace or destination. An exception applies to the immediate workplace such as the office.
  •    During teaching and examination events in presence in buildings, a mouth-and-nose cover must always be worn, also at the seat; this applies regardless of whether the distances of 1.5 meters are observed. This does not apply to sports activities in the context of practical sports events. Likewise, the obligation to wear a mouth-and-nose cover does not apply to sporting activities during company sports or sporting activities at authorized events of third parties on the university campus.
  •   The stay of external persons on the campus is reduced to a minimum.
  •   Behavior of persons with a cold: If there are no other of the most common symptoms apart from a cold (i.e. a "runny nose"), i.e. no cough, no fever, no disturbance of the sense of smell and/or taste (with a clear nose), the following applies: affected persons should stay at home if possible and avoid personal contact. In the case of contact, distance regulations must be strictly adhered to and mouth-nose cover must be worn as constantly as possible.

You can find further information on our Corona information page at