Partner University NIH offers free online courses

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) offers online courses, free of charge (with ECTS credits) for students from partner institutions.

The courses are module-based, giving the students the flexibility to decide when to complete each module, within the time-frame of the NIH-semester (August - December and / or January - June). The home-based exam is planned for the end of the semester. Students can choose if they wish to take all, or just some of the courses per semester. Please see the classes such as all information here!

This is a perfect opportunity for students who are not able to attend an exchange at NIH, but still want to take courses offered by NIH.

The nomination is done by the International Office of the German Sport University.
If you want to register bindingly for the courses (free of charge), please send the following information to a.jaegel@­ (nomination deadline is June 15 for the autumn term. Nomination for summer term is open in september/october):

  • Emailadress
  • Date of birth (must to be written in the following format: yyyymmdd (e.g. 19900310 for a person born 10th of March, 1990). Double check that date, as it cannot be changed later
  • complete, full legal name for the students (as written in the passport (Reisepass) or ID Card (Personalausweis)). No nick names.
  • Nationality

Once you have been nominated you will receive an email on how to proceed and complete your application.
When completing your application, you apply for the package consisting of all courses offered in the upcoming semester.
When you register for classes prior to the start of the semester, you sign up for the online course(s) and exam(s) of your choosing.