Reopening of Mensa and Cafeteria

Since 18 March 2020, the canteen at the German Sport University Cologne has been closed due to Corona. Now there are plans to reopen it.

The Cologne Students' Union as the operator of the Spoho-Mensa announces that it first wants to reopen the cafeteria "Auszeit" from September 28th onward. Lunch will be served there as a to-go option. The hot food will be delivered from the cafeteria Robert-Koch-Straße. On October 19th, the regular canteen (Mensa) operation at the Spoho will be resumed, including a seating concept and the kitchen on site.

The Cologne Students' Union announces that the implementation can take place under the currently valid conditions. Should new requirements be imposed in the areas of the Corona Protection Regulations or the hygiene concept, the decision will be reviewed again.

Further information on opening hours and the range of food will follow at a later date.