Research funds of the German Sport University

With the aim to provide young researchers the opportunity to implement their own research ideas while expanding their individual profile the German Sport University offers two internal research funds: call no. 3 and 4. Deadline of application is the 20th of March 2017.

Please find the official calls here:

Call for proposals for initial funding for young scientists (Call No. 3)
In the light of universities’ increasing need to acquire competitive third party funding and the resulting
requirements and expectations for researchers, young scientists at the German Sport University
can receive specific financial support to help them successfully apply for competitive funding
research grants.
Call 3 - Internal Funding 2017_1

Call for proposals for postdoctoral research funding (Call No. 4)
Call No. 4 is part of the research funding schemes of the German Sport University (DSHS) for young
scientist. With this call young scientists should be supported in their postdoctoral period. They
should be given the possibility to focus on their research profile and to expand their scientific independency. Excellent young scientists shall be given a career opportunity by funding their own major
research project (or subproject) at the German Sport University. Therefore, the German Sport University
Cologne promotes innovative research ideas with relevance for basic and/or applied sciences in
the field of sport sciences. 
Call 4 - Internal Funding 2017_1

In case of any questions please contact Dr. Nana Ueffing (ueffing@­ or +49 221 4982-4608). 

Further information: Department for research and young academics