Science shows that eSports professionals are real athletes

gamescom eSports-Event , ESL Arena, Halle 9 (Foto: Koelnmesse)

Scientists at the German Sports University have conducted a study of eSports athletes and they were surprised by their results. They found that they are exposed to physical strains similar to those of "normal" athletes.

Professor Ingo Froböse began studying eSports athletes five years ago. This made Froböse something of a pioneer, as the expert in prevention and rehabilitation at the German Sports University in Cologne became the very first scientist to conduct a study of athletes who compete in eSports. Nobody had previously looked into the demands placed on an eSports professional, the kind of training he needs to go through to compete, or what kind of strains he is exposed to during a tournament. Froböse was quite surprised by the results.

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