Science Slam World Cup

22 young researchers from five continents took part with six finalists entertaining a full Cinenova on Saturday 24th November evening at the final. Michael Simmonds from Griffith University Australia, Samuel Seleshi Asmare from Addis Ababa University (Ehtiopia), Laura S. Cuijpers from University of Groningen (NL), Kate O´Keeffe from Loughborough University (UK), Oliver Jan Quittmann from German Sport University Cologne, Franziska Lautenbach from Leipzig University and Lisa Musculus from German Sport University Cologne performed once more in front of an enthralled audience of over 300 spectators.

The voting was extremely close and had to be recounted to make sure that Kate O´Keefe had beaten Oliver Quittmann by only eight votes with her presentation "High performance: the impact of mental fatigue on physical and cognitive performance at altitude“ and thus was awarded the title of the first World Champion of the Science Slam World Cup in Cologne. Nevertheless, Oliver Quittmann was delighted about his second place as were Lisa Musculus and Franziska Lautenbach about coming in third. On this special evening everyone seemd to be a winner including the audience and so the evening ended in lively and pleasant conversations as well as plans to continue the established friendships and future joint projects.

See more information and some pictures of the events here.