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What comes to mind when you think about sport and exercise science? Surveys to improve human potential for achievement? The right nutrition for high-performance athletes? Analysis of football, handball or basketball matches? Doping research and performance diagnostics?

Sport and exercise science is even more than this. Sport and exercise science is concerned with sport, exercise and physical activity - in multiple forms and fields. From the extreme stresses of crossing a desert to bed-rest studies or flying experiments on board of the International Space Station (ISS), 

The German Sport University Cologne is Germany’s only, and Europe’s largest, university in the field of sport and exercise science. Research at the 19 academic institutes covers many aspects – all pertaining to sport and exercise. The orientation of the research projects is interdisciplinary; besides current socially-relevant issues, basic research is also important. Fields of research cover the ethical, sociological, economic and educational aspects of sport as an integral element of society; questioning the influence of exercise or lack of exercise, training and nutrition on healthy and ill people across all age groups. 

Research university

The German Sport University Cologne consistently follows its path as a research university. Its interdisciplinary work goes beyond institute and university borders, and it encourages young academics, particularly through the establishment of postgraduate programmes. This process also benefits students who are trained on the basis of current research results. Research-led teaching is the byword here. Its academics motivate the German Sport University Cologne, setting objectives and participating in current tenders and programmes with high-calibre funding institutions. The research service centre offers information, advice and support for submitting applications and developing projects. 

Research transfer

In the most diverse disciplines, academics at the German Sport University research a variety of problems using basic research methods as well as greater practical orientation. In further developing research results, GSU works closely with a range of industrial partners as well as public institutions, administrations, associations and societies. This cooperation benefits both parties. GSU supports our cooperation partners and advises them with regard to research-related services.  


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