Please find here all information regarding an application for a Ph.D. at the German Sport University, including all relevant steps. In case of any further questions please contact the Ph.D. Office.

1. Admission requirements

Applicants must have successfully completed an academic degree course that allows for the enrolment into a Ph.D. programme, with a standard study period of at least eight semesters (i.e. diploma, master).

All candidates must have achieved both an overall minimum grade of "good" in their studies as well as the written thesis.

The doctoral regulations give you more information on the different possible doctoral degrees as well as on specific requirements. In addition, you can find information on the struture of the doctoral studies program. 

All documents (in English or German): Copies of your Bachelor´s and Master´s degree including the academic transcript and your CV need to be sent to the International Office for verification.

Please keep in mind that there is no application deadline for the Ph.D. studies.


2. Finding a research field and a supervisor

The topic of your dissertation can be your own research topic or a topic developed together with your supervisor. Ideally you should already contact a possible supervisor while searching for a topic.

All professors and private lecturers of the German Sport University have the right to accept doctoral candidates. Please find contact details as well as current research topics of the individual research groups on the institute websites.   

3. PhD admission application

As soon as you have found a topic and a supervisor, please send your PhD admission application including further documents (study certificates & CV) to the PhD Office or hand them in personally.


4. Enrolment

You will receive a letter of acceptance to the PhD via email. Upon reception of this letter you may enrol at the Registrar's Office


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