Submitting the doctoral thesis

After completion of the doctoral thesis, normally four exemplars need to be handed in in the PhD Office. In addition, the application for the initiation of the doctoral procedure and further documents need to be enclosed.

Thereafter the doctoral committee will appoint an examination board made up of four members. Each member will receive a copy of the doctoral thesis. For the assessment of the doctoral thesis, the first two reviewers create a written report independently within three months.

After the assessment time, the doctoral thesis and the two reviews will be available for inspection for a two-week period (during the semester) or a four-week period (during the semester vacation time). Subsequently there is a period of one week during which an objection can be raised against the acceptance of the doctoral thesis. The documents for the inspection period have to be sent to Cornelia Frank.


The application for the Initiation of the doctoral procedure (doctoral application) can be found on moodle in the team room "Promotionsstudierende". 

A template for the title page of the doctoral thesis can be found there as well.