Internship within Europe

ERASMUS+ enables the funding of exchanges not only to partner universities but also to companies and institutions in shape of an internship within Europe. Hereby the applicants are free to chose any given company/institution that seems suitable, or draw on previous experiences of fellow students. For more information please contact Evelyn Hinz (contact details in the right column).

If the program leaders are in agreement, the internship can be recognized and accredited within the respective course of studies.



The German Sport University has been awarded the
ERASMUS Charta for Higher Education (ECHE)
by the European Commission.

European Policy Statement
describes the strategy, objectives and priorities of the GSU within the framework of the ERASMUS+ program (2014-2020).

ERASMUS+ Student Charta
comprises the rights and duties of students within the framework of the ERASMUS+ program. 

  • Fully enrolled student status at the GSU 
  • Internships must be identified and contacted by the applicant
  • Internships in EU institutions as well as institutions that administer EU programs (national agencies) cannot be funded.
  • Internships can be funded from the first university year onward. 
  • The internship must last at least two months and must offer a full-time position. The maximum duration is twelve months.
  • Proficiency in the respective language.

Only complete applications that have been received by the DSHS International Office at least four weeks before the start of the internship abroad will be considered.

Please send the documents listed below in the order listed below as one PDF document by e-mail to .
(Please name the document as follows: Erasmus_FirstName_LastName)


A complete application consists of:

  • Print-out of the application form
  • Informal introduction letter: Contact details of the student, exact dates of the internship, name of hosting institution of the internship incl. address, country. 
  • The signed (europass-) CV in the respective language which can be accessed here
    Please fill it out with your personal data and add a passport photograph. 
  • Signed Exposé: approx. 3-5 pages
    The expose shall include a description of the respective country, the city, the internship position, the potential tasks during the mobility and an outline of how the applicant can benefit from the mobility in terms of his/her personal and/or academic career.
  • Language acquisition
    The Language acquisition should list information from primary school level through secondary to university level. Additionally, exchange activities, language courses, studies of foreign languages etc.  

    The whole application should be written in the language of the respective country or in the respective working language.

ERASMUS+ funding of internships:
The monthly funding depends on the respective countries and project year.
To receive funding, the minimum duration of the internship abroad is two months. The applicants can receive funding for a maximum duration of three months. In case of a longer stay it is therefore possible that the duration of the applicants' stay can vary from the duration of the financial funding. 

Students studying with disabilities and children can apply for additional funding.
Please note: Travel and other expenses are NOT covered by the funding! 

Project 2020 (Duration till 2023)

Group 1 (monthly 555 Euro): Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, UK
Group 2 (monthly 495 Euro): Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus
Group 3 (monthly 435 Euro): Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Mazedonien (EJRM), Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slowakia, Slowenia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary

  • The Withdrawal Agreement foresees that the UK will continue to participate in the current 2014 2020 EU programmes, including Erasmus+, as if the UK was an EU Member State until the closure of the programmes.


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Additional individual appointments on site are possible, but must be prearranged via phone or email.