Study within Europe

The German Sport University (GSU) offers its students exchange opportunities at over 40 partner universities in Europe. Scholarships and grants are covered by the ERASMUS+ program of the European Union. 

The German Sport University (GSU) offers its students academic exchange and facilitates the cross-accreditation with its partner universities. Worldwide, the GSU partners with 60 universities. These include over 40 ERASMUS+ partners - a list of these can be found in the right column. 

Due to deadlines it is vital to engage in early planning and communication regarding the exchange.

The following points should be taken into consideration: 

  • What do I want to study and does the partner university offer suitable modules?
  • Am I qualified culturally, academically and in terms of language skills?
  • In how far am I informed about the country, university and culture?
  • Have I informed myself about funding opportunities and scholarships? 



The German Sport University has been awarded the
ERASMUS Charta for Higher Education (ECHE)
by the European Commission.

European Policy Statement
describes the strategy, objectives and priorities of the GSU within the framework of the ERASMUS+ program (2014-2020).

ERASMUS+ Student Charta
comprises the rights and duties of students within the framework of the ERASMUS+ program. 

Notes on Brexit - United Kingdom and Erasmus+

Notes on Brexit - United Kingdom and Erasmus+

The terms of the exit agreement of 31 January 2020 stipulated that the UK would still participate in the expiring Erasmus+ program generation (2014-2020). The new partnership agreement does not provide for further participation in Erasmus+ for the upcoming program generation (2021-2027).

DSHS Partnerships - Current Status:

  • Applications are open (except for: University of Brighton. It is NO longer possible to apply for this university).
  • Students who spend their stay abroad at one of the UK partner universities in the academic year 2021/22 are exempt from tuition fees at the partner university. It cannot be guaranteed that the stays can additionally be supported by an Erasmus scholarship.
  • Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU): In the future, MA students may no longer be able to take MA courses. MA students will still be able to take BA courses. It is anticipated that basically "only" courses from the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences will be eligible at LJMU.
  • There can always be changes in which courses at the respective host university can be chosen by DSHS students (which courses / from which School / Faculty)

Visa regulations from the year 2021

For EU-citizens applies:

No visa is required for stays up to 6 months. From 01.10.2021, entry for EU citizens is only possible with a valid electronic passport. During this period, the purpose of stay is clearly limited to studies, students are not allowed to pursue a financially remunerated activity during their stay.
For stays longer than 6 months, from 01.01.2021 a visa with costs is necessary ("student route"), also additional fees in the form of a health surcharge "Immigration Health Surcharge" are possible.

Non-EU citizens can find an overview of the visa requirements on the websites of the British government.

Application Documents and Deadline

The application process takes place in two steps:

  • Submission of application via E-Mail
  • Selection interview


  • Fully enrolled student status at the GSU
  • Successful completion of the first year of studies (1st and 2nd semester; valid for BA-students)
  • Successful completion of the first semester of studies (valid for MA-students)
  • Language skills of the respective country
  • Scholarships only available for ERASMUS+ partner universities 
  • High motivation and study interest
  • Knowledge about the potential partner university

An applicant may apply for one university within the ERASMUS+ program (per application process). An application for the overseas-program is possible.

The application must be complete and received in time (see application deadline) at the International Office of the German Sport University.
Please note the application deadline and send in your application as early as possible. Regarding the deadline, the receipt via e-mail (CEST/CET) is valid.
You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your application after the deadline. Late and/or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Application deadline (once annually) for the winter term 2024/25 and summer term 2025:

15th January 2024 - 11am.


Please email the documents listed below in the same order as listed as one PDF document to .
(Please name document as follows: Erasmus_first_name_last_name)

A complete application consists of (5 documents):

  • Print-out of the appliction form.
    (the application form will be uploaded in november 23)
  • The signed Europass-CV in the respective language which can be accessed here.
    Please fill it out with your personal data and add a passport photograph.
  • Signed Letter of motivation in the respective language
    The letter of motivation should contain personal and academic ambitions, study interests and any other motivation for the application. It can also include intercultural and personal skills and qualifications and make apparent why the country and university has been selected and is suitable for an academic exchange. The letter of motivation should not exceed two DIN A4 pages. 
  • Language acquisition
    The Language acquisition should list information from primary school level through secondary to university level (in a written text). Additionally, exchange activities, language courses, studies of foreign languages etc. The languague acquisition is not a part of the letter of motivation.
  • Copy of the current transcript of records
    The transcript of records can be obtained via the examination office or LSF. 

The whole application should be written in the language of the respective country or in the respective teaching/course language.


Succesfull ERASMUS+ applicants receive a study place at the partner university, receive a scholarship covering the tuition fees and a monthly grant varying from 300€ to 420€.

To receive funding, the minimum duration of the semester abroad is three months. Beneficiaries financed through the project 2019/2020 can receive funding for a maximum duration of five months. In case of a longer stay it is therefore possible that the duration of the applicants' stay can vary from the duration of the financial funding.

Students studying with children or disabilities can apply for additional funding.

  1. Is a cross-accreditation possible?
    Academic modules, courses and activity classes can be accredited as long as they are accepted by the module- and course coordinators of GSU. This must be negotiated prior to the exchange. During an exchange semester at least 20 ECTS or equivalent must be succesfully completed to receive a scholarship. Following the exchange the host university issues a transcript of records, which can be transferred and accredited at GSU.
  2. Can I apply for several mobility actions at the same time?
    Yes, an applicant can apply for overseas and European exchange options (exchange programs AND internships) at the same time.
  3. Is there an ideal time for an exchange?
    It is recommended to discuss the exchange period with the respective program leader at GSU. The basic studies (first year, BA or first semester, MA)  have to be succesfully completed before the exchange.
  4. What funding possibilities are open to me?
    ERASMUS+ scholarships (waiving of the tuition fees + monthly grants)
  • Subject to change on the "Partnerhochschulen" list. Check regularly for updates on these pages as well as the German website.



Consultation hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00-11:00
Mon, Wed, Thu 14:00-15:00

Additional individual appointments on site are possible, but must be prearranged via phone or email.