Study possibilities for refugees

Refugees have the opportunity to attend a free have the opportunity to study at the German Sport University Cologne free of charge. The declared aim of this initiative is to open up future prospects for refugees from all over the world and to establish contact with students and students and staff of the German Sport University Cologne.

The guest auditor programme is designed to give a first impression of the content of the various sports science courses and to provide orientation for regular studies at the German Sport University Cologne.

Further information

  • The main point of contact for refugees in Cologne is the Cologne Refugee Council.
  • An initiative of students and lecturers at the German Sport University Cologne is the project "Grenzenlos in Bewegung - SpoHo aktiv". With the aim of offering refugees of all ages variety in their everyday life in Cologne and a better perspective, the initiative offers various sports activities. E-mail:


For further information on guest auditorships and individual advice, please send an e-mail to

Other study possibilities in Germany

Please visit for further information about living and studying in Germany the following website