Gender & Diversity

Diversity management at the German Sport University Cologne describes conscious handling of the diversity of people at the university. This concerns equal opportunities and participation and thereby additional benefits for study, teaching, research and administration. 

Respecting and appreciating the diversity of students and employees brings the recognition and increase of inherent potential into focus. The objective is to enhance the profile of the German Sport University Cologne as a discrimination-free place of excellent study, work and research. The German Sport University Cologne is therefore part of the “Creating diversity in NRW” diversity-audit. The aim of the audit procedure is to develop criteria for the productive handling of diversity in everyday university life. Ten universities have been honoured for their diversity concept by the NRW Ministry of Science, including the German Sport University Cologne. 

Gender is indicative of the social and cultural aspect of sex and plays a role in the university’s development concerning the concept of gender mainstreaming. The German Sport University Cologne therefore pursues a consistent policy of equality, which promotes the presence of women in academic and professional careers as well as taking on students and senior female staff. Besides this, it expressly supports the compatibility of studies or profession with family life.  

For further information please contact the Department Gender & Diversity Management.