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The unique feature of the Institute of Dance and Movement Culture of the German Sport University Cologne is its equal proportions of artistic, educational and scientific approaches and target aspects.

Each of these dimensions closely weaves together theory and application. Artistic, educational and scientific practices are always reflected theoretically. Theoretical issues arise from practical experience at all levels.

The teaching and research of the Institute of Dance and Movement Culture are based on curricular and extracurricular education, the health sector, commerce and, not least of all, the professional and artistic areas.  Graduates of the Institute of Dance and Movement Culture work in schools, in extracurricular youth and adult education, in studios and as corporate trainers. They direct art works on commission and assert themselves with great success in the arts of dance, theatre and performance.

The Institute of Dance and Movement Culture is a scientific partner in the evaluation of education-oriented, commercial, artistic and health-oriented programs and measures.  Traditionally, the research of the Institute is directed towards the development of methods that can be utilised equally in the presentation of creative processes in all of these professional fields. The professorship of dance and movement culture aims at an increased implementation and profound formation of theory and empirical research.

M.A. Dance - mediation, research, artistic practice

In addition to the training of sport scientists and teachers in different styles and forms of movement and dance, including gymnastics and movement theatre, the Institute of Dance and Movement Culture has organised a comprehensive 6-semester Master´s of advanced studies in Dance Culture, comprising 120 ECTS credits. 


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