Institute of Exercise Training and Sport Informatics

Am Sportpark Müngersdorf 6
50933 Cologne

Institutional building II & NawiMedi

Phone: +49 221 4982-4320

Research profile of the institute


The expertise of the Institute of Exercise Training and Sport Informatics is divided into four sections.

  • Section I: Sport Informatics and Sports Games Research
    Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Daniel Memmert
  • Section II: Cognition in Team Sports
    Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefanie Klatt
  • Section III: Training Intervention Research
    Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lars Donath
  • Section IV: Exercise Physiology
    Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Patrick Wahl

The given structure enables interdisciplinary but also transdisciplinary, international basic (DFG) and applied oriented (DFL/DFB/BISp) research. In the area of sport informatics and sports games research topics such as big data in sport (in particular professional football) relating to modelling, pattern identification and simulation of team sports are addressed. This includes, apart from development in data analysis and data visualisation the application of modern data base systems (relational and NoSQL). 

The cognition and sports game research deals with diagnostics, training and simulation of cognitive performance, particularly in the realm of games. Cognitive mechanisms (e.g. perception-, anticipation-, attention-, creativity- and memory processes) are analyzed in lab and field settings. 

In the area of training science the institute works on questions related to diagnostics and training of physical performance with special expertise in the planning, conceptualisation and evaluation of training related intervention studies in a health- and recreational context. 

Department IV has its main focus on physiological performance diagnostics and performance optimazation in high performance sports. 

The institute coordinates the Bachelor´s program "Sport and Performance", the Master´s program "Exercise Science and Coaching" as well as the Master of advanced studies "Game Analysis".


Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Daniel Memmert
Tel.: +49 221 4982-4330


Erika Graf
Tel.: +49 221 4982-4320