Institute of Movement and Neurosciences

Am Sportpark Müngersdorf 6
50933 Cologne

Nawi-Medi 4th floor, Entrance A / Track & Field Stadium 1st floor

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The Institute of Movement and Neurosciences of the German Sport University Cologne is divided into the following departments:

  • Movement Techniques and Movement Learning: Track and Field – Swimming - Gymnastics (I)
  • Movement- and Neuroscience (II)
  • Promotion of Movement and Health (III)
  • Movement Education and Intervention Management (IV)

The work of Department I focusses on the observation of the main forms of motoric movement in track and field, swimming and gymnastics such as coordination, strength, speed, endurance and flexibility. The main area of Department II is the analysis of the influence of physical (in-) activity on the brain of trained and untrained persons of different age groups and under specific environmental conditions. Another focus is the aspect of sport for people with disabilities and performance limitations. The research conducted by Department III focuses on the relationships between (in-) active leisure time, motor development and the performance level of children and youths. Department IV deals with specific aspects of movement education, stress regulation, questions of resilience and aspects of intervention management. The Institute is a member of the following central scientific institutions at the University: the German Research Centre for Elite Sport Cologne (momentum), the Centre for Integrative Physiology in Space (ZiP), the Interdisciplinary Gender Competency Centre of Sport Sciences (IGiS), the Neuroplasticity and Neuromechanics Research Group (FNN). 


Univ.-Prof. Dr.
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Regina Schüler
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