Institute of Pedagogy and Philosophy

Am Sportpark Müngersdorf 6
50933 Cologne

Main building, 5th floor

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The teaching and research of the Institute deals with fundamental questions of different understandings of sport, games and movement, especially in modern societies.

Particular focus is directed to forms of institutionalisation (school, club, performance sport centres, etc.), normative dimensions as well as the consequences of such different understandings as regards research and mediation of sport.

In addition to numerous points of content overlap, the programs of the departments of pedagogy and philosophy intersect in the guiding principle of reflexive sport sciences, which focuses on the formation of reflexive forms of knowledge in the context of theory-directed analyses of the prerequisites and consequences of sport science research.

The Institute feels a close connection to hermeneutical and empirical approaches to scientific analysis of sport and movement cultures which are based on social theory and, in that vein, is committed to and contributes to their further development. 


Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Volker Schürmann
Tel.: +49 221 4982-3800
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