International Office

The International Office is responsible for all partnerships with universities abroad and endeavours to expand its international contacts. Its main tasks are to advise applicants from international universities, exchange students and full-time students planning to go  abroad. The introductory events and international projects at the GSU make it far easier for international students to get involved in student life. Staff mobility in and outside the ERASMUS+ agreement is a further area operated by the International Office.

If you are interested in the German Sport University as an international applicant please do not hesitate to contact us. We´ll be happy to help and assist you with your ideas.

German Sport University Cologne
International Office
Am Sportpark Muengersdorf 6
50933 Cologne
Main Building, 1st floor

Please find our various task areas including contact details and office hours as follows:

Dr. Gerard King
Head of the International Office
+49 221 4982-2090
Office hours by arrangement
(Room 113)  
Katrin Hecker
Consultation & Enrolment
+49 221 4982-2180

Telephone consultation hours:
Monday and Thursday: 9-11
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 14-15

Office hours: Mon-Fr 9-11 am & Mo-Thu 2-3 pm
(Room 114)  

Anneli Jägel
Consulation study & internship in Europe;
Coordination ERASMUS+ 
+49 221 4982-2920
Office hours: Mon - Fr 9-11 am
(Room 108)  

Evelyn Hinz
Consultation study & internship overseas; Coordination PROMOS
+49 221 4982-2210
Office hours: Mon 2-4 pm, Tue 10-12 am & Thu 2-4 pm
(Room 108)

Anke Heber
Incoming exchange students & PhD students
+49 221 4982-2160
(Room 115)


Margit Franzen
Incoming exchange students
+49 221 4982-2160
Office hours: Mon-Thu 9-11am
(Room 115)

Katharina Hänsch
Incoming exchange students & PhD students
+49 221 4982-2160
(Room 115)
Office hours: Mon, Wed, Thu 9-11am
(Room 115)