Postponed - The 4th Sports and Innovation International Conference

The University of Physical Education (TE) and the National Academy of Handball (NEKA) have decided to organise the 4th Sports and Innovation International Conference at a later date. In line with initial plans, the conference was supposed to take place between 19 and 21 May, 2021.
The main aim of the bilingual (Hungarian-English) international event is to encourage experts to realise new creative ideas that will be turned into innovations eventually. Rector of the University of Physical Education, Prof. Dr. h. c. Lajos Mocsai, director of the International Relations Centre (NKI), Dr. habil Judit Kádár and general manager of the National Academy of Handball, Tamás Mocsai have announced that the conference will be held at a later date. 

See all information about the conference here.