Section Clinical and Technological Biomechanics

Our section focuses on the interrelationships between movement and loading of the musculoskeletal system of the human body at the macroscopic level in order to optimize clinical, technological and exercise interventions. Using translational and applied research approaches, we aim to provide solutions for:

  • Improve athletic performance and quality of movement,
  • Preventing musculoskeletal injuries in everyday life, in sports and at work,
  • Accelerate and optimize rehabilitation processes.

Research into the interaction of the musculoskeletal system and technology in sports, clinics and the workplace is one of the main areas of focus. The effect and effectiveness of training and therapy on movement execution and musculoskeletal loading is another research focus of the group. Multidisciplinary expertise in orthopaedic biomechanics, human-technology interaction, and sports biomechanics is integrated.



Saddel for Triathlon


Head of Section:

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Potthast



PostDocs: 5

Doctoral Candidates: 6

Non-scientific Staff: 2

Student Assistants: 4


Sci. Output 2022:

Publ. with Peer Review: 8

Theses (B&M): 17




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