Forum Sport Politics

The Forum Sport Politics support the scientific work of the Institute of European Sport Development and Leisure Studies (IESF) in the field of sports policy. It acts as an advisory comittee in:

  • accounting past activities in field of sport politics science
  • initating future activities in the field of sports politics science
  • substantive impetus be given to upcoming events, projects and publication

Due to the intensive exchange with external experts situations can illuminated from different stakeholder perspectives and a variety of sports policy issues are being introduced. Both contribute significantly to not only to raise the political profile of the sport institution, but also more generally to establish the sports policy as an independent research and academic field. Central scientific formats are annual symposia on sports policy.


The forum consists of various members of institutes of the German Sport University Cologne ( European Sport Development and Leisure Studies, Sports History and Communications and Media) and external experts and practitioners. This set-up ensures a cross-institutional and interdisciplinary collaboration which reflects the diverse appearance spectrum of national and international sports policy.


Prof. Dr. Georg Anders (spokesman)

Prof. Dr. Alexander Brand

Martina Ellerwald

Dr. Karin Fehres

PD Dr. Sven Güldenpfennig  

Dr. Andreas Höfer 

Dr. Franz-Josef Kemper

Prof. Dr. Ralf Kleinfeld  

Prof. Dr. Walfried König

Prof. Dr. Manfred Lämmer

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mittag

Dr. Alex Mommert

Dr. Jörg-Uwe Nieland  

Dr. Christoph Niessen 

Dr. Stephan Osnabrügge

Dr. Karen Petry

Michael Scharf

Florian Scheibe

Dr. Till Müller-Schoell

Bianka Schreiber-Rietig

Henning Schreiber

Eva Selic

Niclas Stucke

Prof. Dr. Walter Tokarski

Prof. Dr. Ronald Wadsack

Jens Wortmann


The office is located in the Institute of European Sport Development and Leisure Studies at the German Sport University Cologne. 

Dr. Till Müller-Schoell