European sports policy. Approaches - actors - problematic issues

Europäische Sportpolitik. Zugänge - Akteure - Problemfelder
European sports policy. Approaches - actors - problematic issues

Jürgen Mittag (ed.)
Nomos Verlag (pub.)
Schriftenreihe des Arbeitskreises Europäische Intergration e.V. 
Baden-Baden 2018
335 pages
ISBN: 978 38329 7894 5 

In the Member States of the European Union, the influence of the internal market - most clearly demonstrated in the so-called Bosman ruling - has contributed decisively to the fact that sport cannot claim an "extra-constitutional" special role with its own regulatory mechanisms. At the same time, the initiatives and interventions of the EU institutions as well as the anchoring of sport in the Lisbon Treaty have provided numerous sport-related impulses at European level. Against this background, more and more sport stakeholders are now devoting their attention to policy-making in Brussels, while at the same time an increasing number of conflicts of interest in sport are becoming apparent.

This volume provides both an overview of the most important stages of European sports policy and an inventory of the central problem areas and actors in the policy field. In addition, it examines scientific approaches and analytical perspectives of European sports policy.