Studies on Sport politics

Due to the growing interdependence of sport with other social problem areas, increased commercialisation, the growing Europeanisation and internationalisation of sport, and the increasing interventions of political actors in the shaping of sport, ever more extensive interactions between sport and politics are becoming apparent. The aim of the series, which is published by Klartext-Verlag (Essen), is to illustrate previous lines of development, current cornerstones and future perspectives of sports policy through systematic analyses.


Sport and Corporate Responsibility

Politics and the media as well as those responsible in clubs and associations regularly refer to the numerous functions that sport can fulfil: Sport can promote integration processes, create identity, serve international understanding, but also help to activate personal abilities and reduce damage to civilisation such as lack of exercise. In view of corresponding expectations, the question arises as to whether and to what extent sport can actually meet these requirements.


Edition Sport and Leisure

The "Edition Sport & Leisure" published by Prof. Dr. Walter Tokarski in the Meyer & Meyer publishing house deals with the change and perspectives of leisure activities and worlds of experience. Since sport plays a central role in leisure and recreation, the series devotes special attention to leisure and tourism science issues and processes of change.