Manual Sport Politics

Handbuch Sportpolitik
Walter Tokarski / Karen Petry (Eds.)
Schorndorf 2010
364 Seiten
ISBN: 978 3 7780 4720 0  

The manual sport politics is the first german fundamental book, which takes a look at sports policy as a research and scientific discipline. Proven experts and scientists have systematically combined findings of the political, social and sport scientific disciplines in about twenty presentations.

The manual is devided into four sections based on the structural characteristics of sport politics and deals with theories and foundations of sport politics, sport policy structures, mechanisms of control in sport politics and finally subjects and substantive problems of specific fields in sport politics.

The manual is intended to stimulate dialogue between Sport, Politics, Economy, Media and Science and is directed to the operators of the decision-making, conception and implementation level. Also teachers and students are targeted, in the context of university, who want to face with the scientific discourse of sport politics.