International aspects and perspectives of sport

Internationale Aspekte und Perspektiven des Sports
International aspects and perspectives of sport

Prof. Dr. Walter Tokarski to celebrate his 65th birthday
Jürgen Buschmann / Manfred Lämmer / Karen Petry (eds.)
Bonn 2011
301 pages
ISBN: 978 3 89665 551 6 

In cooperation with the IESF, a commemorative publication has just been published on the occasion of the 65th birthday of the long-standing chair holder Univ. Prof. Dr. Walter Tokarski. Walter Tokarski has worked on political, social and educational science topics and fields of action of sport and the culture of physical activity in his scientific work. Due to the growing international development of leisure science and the Europeanisation of sport development, he has supported corresponding scientific research activities and university education opportunities. The consolidation and further development of the European and international perspective has always been a top priority in his professional activities.

Particularly when he was elected to the office of Rector of the German Sport University Cologne in 1999, his goal was to further develop the university into a leading, competent and competitive teaching and research institution in the field of international sport science. The numerous memberships in international organisations and especially the involvement in the "European Network of Sport Science, Education and Employment" (ENSSEE), of which he has been president since 2005, underline these activities.

Three core areas of his work have been selected for the Festschrift, in which 22 companions, students and friends from Germany and abroad have their say:

  • European dimension of sport
  • National and international sports policy and development
  • Fields of tension, challenges and problem areas in the sports policy context