Sport and Corporate Responsibility

Politics and the media as well as those responsible in clubs and associations regularly refer to the numerous functions that sport can fulfil: Sport can promote integration processes, create identity, serve international understanding, but also help to activate personal abilities and reduce damage to civilisation such as lack of exercise.  In view of corresponding expectations, the question arises as to whether and to what extent sport can actually meet these requirements. In which fields can sport promote social change processes? With the help of which instruments and which forms of participation can sport and exercise develop their social impact? And what guiding principles and values underlie these activities? These questions are the starting point for the series of publications "Sport and Social Responsibility" published by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mittag and Dr. Jörg-Uwe Nieland in the Barbara Budrich (Opladen) publishing house.

The individual volumes of the series are structured in such a way that individual fields of action are first presented, located and scientifically processed. This stock-taking of the respective problem area on a secure empirical basis is at the same time an introduction to its analysis. In the further course of the series, sport-related offers for solving socially relevant problems are then presented and discussed in a dialogue between science and practice. With this concept, the volumes ultimately offer not only a generally comprehensible overview but also recommendations for action to shape the interaction between sport and society.