Compulsory Elective: International Sport Politics and Sport in Development

Students acquire basic knowledge about sport political structures and actors. Special attention is paid to the international surroundings of sport and the role of sport in development work.

Contents of the module:
In the subject area "Fundamentals of Sport Policy", the definition and subject of sport policy, methods of sport policy research, actors and institutions as well as theoretical approaches and governance concepts in sport policy will be considered.

In the second thematic block "Sport and Development" national and international actors in development cooperation, sport and peace / trauma and reconciliation work through sport, theoretical concepts of the role of sport in development cooperation and evaluation and monitoring in development projects are on the curriculum.
The third thematic block is devoted to "International Sport Policy". Here, current problem areas of international sports policy are considered, as well as major sporting events, sport in specific country or continental contexts and international (umbrella) associations.  

The module also serves as a means of professional qualification and specialisation.  

Participation/ admission requirements:
Five passed modules of basic studies and key qualifications.
The module comprises a workload of 180h and 6 ECTS.

Module supervisor:
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mittag