Section 4

About Us

The Section Exercise Physiology addresses both basic and applied research questions.

An important unifying paradigm on a general goal level is the maintenance and improvement of psycho-physical performance and health.
The integrative strategy in basic research is the identification and modulation of metabolic, mechanical and neuronal stimuli, or their intensity and volume in training, for the above paradigm.
Specifically, we investigate acute hormonal, cellular, (epi-) genetic and immunological, but also physiological responses and long-term training adaptations as a consequence of different training stimuli in the endurance (high-intensity training; high-volume training; sprint-interval training) and strength domains.

In basic and application research, the department is involved in the further development of performance diagnostic methods, quantification of training loads using load-dependent biomarkers (including point-of-care testing (POCT) from capillary blood), fatigue and regeneration, training and load management, hypoxia and electromyostimulation.

Interdisciplinary approaches and (international) cooperations with different institutions such as universities and top sports associations exist both in basic and in application-oriented research.


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