The comprehensive curriculum of theory and practice of the Institute of Outdoor Sports and Environmental Science flows into the Master degree "M.Sc. Sport Tourism and Recreation Management", the Bachelor's degree "B.A. Sport, Adventure and Expressive Movement" and "B.Sc. Sport and Performance" as well as in the degrees in Physical Education for all types of school (primary, main, middle, comprehensive and grammar schools, technical college and special needs schools) at the German Sport University Cologne.

The staff of the Institute derives from research questions and ongoing projects career-oriented content for lectures, seminars and courses. Therefore is always a current teaching secured. In addition the  networking with sports associations promotes the recognition of academic content for activities in organized sports.

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M.Sc. Sport Tourism and Recreation Management

In response to new challenges in sport tourism, the German Sport University Cologne has developed the master's degree program "M.Sc. Sport Tourism and Recreation Management". In the fields of sport and exercise management, economics and business administration, supply and product development as well as resource management and spatial planning, it has an outstanding scientific expertise as well as a wide practical experience. 

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B.A. Sport, Adventure and Expressive Movement

The six-semester bachelor study program "B.A. Sport, Adventure and Expressive Movement" is characterized by a broad theoretical and practical training in various sport and physical fields. Building on the foundations in the basic studies, students have the opportunity to pass through an in-depth thematic debate on an individual profile. The development of a distinct mediation, social and methodological competence in the athletic work with different target groups is in the spotlight. 

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