The Science Slam World Cup will take place from 19th to 24th November 2018 at the German Sport University Cologne.

About the German Sport University
The German Sport University Cologne (GSU) is the only university within Germany dedicated exclusively to sport and exercise science. The GSU's diversity of disciplines ranging from sport philosophy to exercise neuroscience is unique and makes GSU a pioneer in sport and exercise science. With approximately 350 researchers in 20 institutes the GSU not only covers a wide array of scientific disciplines but also has a strong representation within social sciences, life sciences and the humanities. You can learn more about the profile of the German Sport University here

Perfect infrastructure
Located at the Müngersdorf Sport Park, in the heart of Cologne’s green belt and within an almost perfect sport infrastructure, Europe’s largest sport university offers an unique environment for 1,000 employees and more than 6,000 students from 85 countries. 60 university partnerships are a sign of its international focus. Please have a look to our campus and get to know how to reach us here.

About Cologne
With one million inhabitants Cologne is the fourth most populated city in Germany; roughly 80,000 young people study and live in Cologne, a very lively and modern city right at the river Rhine. Tourist attractions and cultural events play a major role in the vibrant metropolis of Cologne. The city on the Rhine has plenty to offer in this regard. Everybody is probably familiar with Cologne Cathedral, which is always worth a visit. But the city also offers many other attractive highlights to travellers and residents... 

More information ...

... about research at the GSU you can find in our research information system

... about the scientific environment in Cologne you can find at the Cologne Science Forum

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