International Olympic Academy: Appointment to the Programme Commission

Prof. Dr. Stephan Wassong has been appointed by the President of the International Olympic Academy (IOA) in Olympia (Greece) to the newly established program commission. It is the task of the commission to develop new teaching programmes which the IOA offers for doctoral candidates, students, teachers, members of National Olympic Committees, directors of National Olympic Academies and Olympic athletes. The Programme Commission of the IOA cooperates closely with the Education Project Committee, which is a working group of the Olympic Foundation for culture and heritage of the International Olympic Committee.

Prof. Wassong also sees the new task as a good chance to connect the M.A. Olympic Studies conducted by the Olympic Study Centre (OSC) of the German Sport University (GSU) more closely with the profile of the IOA. According to Prof. Wassong, this would be an advantage for both institutions involved and for the future-oriented development of the programme. Since its foundation in 1961, the GSU and the IOA have had a very close cooperation in the fields of education and profile development of the Olympic teaching and research institution in Olympia. The OSC has analysed and documented the history of cooperation between the GSU and the IOA in the monograph mentioned below.

Wassong, St & Molzberger, A: Destination Olympia: The Archaeological Site and Olympic Studies from the Perspective of the German Sport University Cologne. Cologne 20182