M.Sc. Human Technology in Sports and Medicine (ENGLISH)

Use of modern technologies has become a matter of course in Sports and Medicine nowadays. The research-driven program of study M.Sc. Human Technology in Sports and Medicine bridges the gap between engineering, medical technology, life sciences and sport sciences. 

Target group

The study program M.Sc. Human Technology in Sports and Medicine addresses students with a passion for sciences and a wide interest in interaction between humans and technology. 

Degree aim and content

The central aim of the study program is to provide the students with extensive qualifications in planning, developing and evaluating technologies in an athletics as well as a clinical context. Alongside sports equipment- and sportswear-technologies that serve performance enhancing and injury prevention purposes, a special focus is set on modern technologies in endoprothetic joint replacement and exoprothetic treatment of patients. The students will learn to bridge the gap between technical aids and physically active humans, creating an optimal synthesis between humans and technology. Central aspects will be combining, evaluating and applying the attained expertise.

Job perspectives

Technical aids make up a major part of medical expenses in sports and medicine. As highly qualified research-driven employees, graduates of M.Sc. Human Technology in Sports and Medicine are presented with a great variety of occupational areas. Responsible positions in academic and industrial research and development, in sporting goods companies as well as performance diagnosis are possible fields of activity. Typical employers are the sporting goods industry and private as well as public research facilities. Completion of the M.Sc. in Human Technology in Sports and Medicine entitles students to apply for a Ph.D. programme.


Regular length of study
4 semesters

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Workload (ECTS)
120 credit points

Commencement of studies
Winter semester

Number of places
30 per year

Language of instruction

Semester fee of appr. 300 €

Application process

Module handbooks & other study documents

Further information

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