Course catalogue/LSF

General information

The course catalogue of the German Sport University is provided by the campus management system LSF. All course offers and ressources (institutions/persons/rooms) are listed.

Main functions publically accessible:

  • Course offers
  • Institutions
  • Rooms and buildings
  • Persons (lecturers)

Functions for students with login:

  • Application for course offers during the application phase (applies only to B.A. students)
  • Current curriculum
  • Overview of the status of all past and present lectures, seminars and activity classes
  • Information on examinations and grades


Since all bachelor´s degrees are in German language you will find all relevant information on the German website. Please click here for more details.


The master´s degrees are limited to 30 spots each. The curriculum is automatically generated. The modules, lectures, seminars and their respective contents can be viewed via the study plans and/or the module handbooks

The individual curriculum can be accessed after the login in LSF.

LSF access

Two servers offer access to LSF. Either may be used.

Server 1
Server 2

Link to the "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" (full German Course Offer)