Transfer Think Tank

The Transfer Think Tank is a regular program for scientists at the German Sport University Cologne to promote and further develop research-based transfer ideas along thetransfer focal points in knowledge and technology transfer.

Within the framework of a defined thematic focus, you as a scientist can bring your ideas or already initiated transfer projects to the Transfer Think Tank and further develop them in a confidential environment in interdisciplinary teams and with the support of the Transfer Office department and external experts. You can advance your own idea in creative workshops or participate in exciting projects in interdisciplinary teams. 

Current topic: Active, healthy & cared for in old age

Demographic change did not just arrive in Germany. Today, every second person is older than 45 and every fifth person is older than 66. Globally, according to the WHO, the population group of people over 60 will almost double between 2015 and 2060 (statistisches Bundesamt).

What are the consequences for our society and our healthcare system? What innovations do we need for a long and self-determined life? What will care look like in the future?

In this video, our patron Prof. Ufer, together with Kirsten Neveling and Marcel Hartmann of Diakonie Michelhoven e.V., explains the current and future challenges of our aging society and provides possible solutions.

Does your research offer innovative solutions?

Overview of the Transfer Think Tank

Phase 1: Idea Sprint

In the first workshop, you will develop a clearly sharpened mission statement of your transfer idea, in which you can clearly define your offer, use cases, target groups and users as well as unique selling points.

You will be supported by external, experienced transfer consultants as well as the transfer scouts of GSU Innovation Space and Gateway Gründungsservices.

Phase 2: Roadmapping

In the next step, you will develop a roadmap for the implementation of the previously sharpened transfer ideas. For this purpose, you will be advised on suitable funding/financing opportunities and exploitation strategies and plan the next steps for implementation.

Here, too, you will be supported by external, experienced transfer consultants as well as transfer scouts from GSU Innovation Space and Gateway Gründungsservices.

Phase 3: Stage presence training and final rehearsal

You'll receive stage presence training with an experienced stage coach, get content and personal feedback on your final pitch.


Phase 4: Final Pitch Event

Now you can pitch to an external jury of industry experts. The most promising transfer idea will receive coaching support of €4,000 for the implementation of his/her idea.

Regardless of whether you win or not, the feedback from the jury will help your transfer idea move forward. At the final event, you will have the opportunity to expand your network and validate your transfer idea with practice partners.

Important: The Summer School STRIVE and the Transfer Think Tank can be credited with 32 units in the doctoral program in elective module 4 (Wahlmodul 4 - Karriere gestalten).

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Active, healthy and cared for in old age

Attendance Dates:
»05.09. Idea Sprint, Senatssaal, 9-16Uhr
»22.09. Roadmapping, Senatssaal, 9-16Uhr
»25.09. Stage Practice, Musisches Forum, 9-16Uhr
»19.10. Final Rehersal, Musiches Forum, 9-15Uhr
»23.10. Pitch Final, Musiches Forum, 17-20Uhr